About Our Chapter

      This year, Oklahoma Beta celebrated our centennial; we have made it 100 years on Oklahoma State's campus! What an exciting and monumental milestone we celebrated. This remarkable accomplishment has stemmed from our 12 founders that established Pi Beta Phi back in 1867. They created a foundation so strong, it has allowed chapters across the nation to develop women of integrity over the past 150 years. The values that our founders instilled in our organization is what has set us apart from the rest for so many years. We strive to recruit and build women of integrity, lifelong commitment, honor and respect, personal and intellectual growth, philanthropic service and sincere friendship.
      Here at Oklahoma Beta, we are defined by these very values. Inside this house are sincere, genuine and joyful women who continually strive for excellence and proceed to challenge one another daily. Everyone is accepted, loved and loyal within these walls. I am a testament to this; my life was altered the day I walked in these doors. I met friends that loved me for who I am, women that would challenge and push me outside my comfort zone and most importantly - I met the organization that would give back to me more than I have put into it. The words "Pi Beta Phi" hold a truly valuable meaning to over 250,000 women across the nation. Everyone discovers this meaning in different manners, but to all women that meaning can only be discovered from the inside looking out.
      I hope that as an alum, current member, parent or visitor, you will find great pride in the way the Oklahoma State chapter of Pi Beta Phi builds women of character. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding our Chapter.

Ring Ching and Go Pokes!
Emma Maritz
Oklahoma Beta Chapter President

Pi Phis Still Living Life in COVID-19​​​​​​​
    When we will look back on the year 2020, we will remember many things: online classes, zoom meetings, facetime calls, movie nights, walks, baking, and many more. OK Beta has done an impressive job at staying connected, achieving goals, and learning how to adapt gracefully to changes. To help you get a feel of how it looked, felt, and transformed us, let us allow you to step into our shoes. 
    The week before Spring Break. You have been planning on saving up to go to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip. You keep hearing about this new outbreak virus called Corona (COVID-19). Your initiative thoughts are it is just like Ebola or the Swine Flu and is not that bad. All of sudden, you receive an email stating that your Dominican Republic trip got canceled. You are bummed out, but you quickly try to make plans with your friends whose Spring Break plans got canceled as well to do something together. While you make these plans, you hear from your college that classes will be moved online for two weeks. You try to have hope that after the two weeks things will go back to normal. However, once the weekend before Spring Break comes around, your school states that classes will remain online for the rest of the semester. You hear this with your family and hear the news about the Government recommending state lockdowns. You then have a family meeting where your parents tell you everyone needs to follow what the Government is recommending. This means not being able to hang out with friends indoors, go to the store, and for many, not going to work. There seems to be a panic of uncertainty and a means to act on how to handle unplanned situations. After Spring break ends, you start online classes. They are different and some are easier than others. It takes you a while to get into a routine while at home. After about month though, you feel like you have a routine down that seems manageable. You miss your friends and facetime them a lot. 
    Where does Pi Phi fit in this? In the midst of all this, you get a message in your Pi Phi group chat and it says that you are not alone. That Pi Phi is going to do its very best to stay connected with each other and support one another. This includes having zoom events for everyone. Some of these events are like spa nights, movie nights, yoga classes, art classes, dance classes, thank you letter writing, and baking classes. Each event was lead by a different Pi Phi. You realized these connections truly help with the unknown of life right now and that you are so loved and supported by Pi Phi. The next two months fly by and you have just taken your last final. You take a step back and realize that you were full of life during quarantine because of Pi Phi. You are so excited for the summer and for things slowly opening back up. 
    We hope that after getting a sense of our experience during COVID-19 quarantine that you understand how supportive and diligent OK Beta truly is to its members as well as their communities. Pi Beta Phi OK Beta truly lives with courage, grace, and leadership through each member. 

Ring Ching & Go Pokes!

Sarah Leger VPCR
(May 17th, 2020)